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by matthewslee
New Member

contract ending

this janruary i took a contract out for my ex boyfriend, its a 24month contract, but we have split now. he wont pay for the contract and its in my name. is there any way i can end the contract without getting any charges and not have to pay for it as this is not my fault. my ex boyfriend has taking the phone and i cant get hold of him. he has gone over his allowance and is running the bill up to an ridiculous amount. can someone please give me some details on what i can do as i no longer want this contract and dont want him to be using it at all. i have no one to give it to so preferably need to end it completely with no charges or additional costs.

by Maestro

Re: contract ending

No sorry, there's nothing you can do as the contract is in your name so you are responsible for any charges on the account.


Not sure if this would work, but I suppose you could just ring EE and report the handset lost/stolen, that way the handset would be blocked?


You would still have to carry on paying for the contract but at least there would be no excessive over-allowance charges every month.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: contract ending

First thing you need to do is stop your ex running up huge bills. Phone Customer Services and ask them to block the SIM.


If your ex was aware of your account password then make sure you change it and any email adresses associated with the account to which he may have access.


That might prompt your ex to contact you at which point you can ask him to return the phone. 


You can't end the contract early, you can however use a SIM in another phone so you could get EE/Orange/T-Mobile to issue you with a new SIM so that you can benefit from the service you are paying for.


Reporting the phone as stolen would theoretically be wrong as you gave it freely as a gift.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: contract ending

And to report it stolen you need a police crime number. So best do what Chester says.

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