Hello, approximately two weeks ago I tried to unlock my iPhone 6s which is locked to EE. I payed the around £45. However I received an email say that my unlock was unsuccessful as my phone was marked as blacklisted/barred/blocked/lost/stolen/unpaid bills and I had to pay an extra £86 to remove it from the blacklist or I contact the person who bought the phone first to resolve the matter. So I contacted the person that I bought the phone from and she said that she had purchased the phone from someone on eBay but she didn’t have any problems with the phone.Anyway I asked her if she could get in touch with the person she bought it from and she said she could do that. So far I have not got a reply as of yet and I have a feeling we won’t be hearing from him. So I messaged EE through Facebook and to be quite honest didn’t really help me atoll. They just said to contact the first owner of the phone which I tried to do but I was unsuccessful. They also suggested phoning the EE unlocking service so I did this and I have a always been put on hold. I understand that they have to help hundreds of people every day but I’m not wanting to be put on hold for more than an hour like the last few times I’ve tried as this doesn’t fix anything. My point is that I am of prepared to pay an extra £86 just so I can get my phone unlocked. I’ve looked on various websites and it says that EE can automatically unblacklist your iPhone if requested with no fee. I have contacted some of my friends who have also been in this situation and they said that they haven’t had any problems getting the problem fixed and they also didn’t had to pay one penny. I hope that there is another solution to this as I just don’t simply have enough money to spare to pay this extra £86 never mind buying a new phone!!! Can anyone help?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: blacklist

Not really! Only EE can remove it from the blacklist if it is they who blacklisted in the 1st place & they can only do that for the original owner, not you.


Have you confirmed with CheckMEND The world's most comprehensive device check that it was blacklisted by EE?

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Re: blacklist

I’m having the exact same issue right now. Only difference being I have not even been offered the option to have the blacklist removed for £86. It’s all because of the previous owner! 

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: blacklist

First of all who did you pay £45 to unlock your phone?


It only costs £8.99


And there is no option to pay any money to unblacklist a phone.


Only the original owner can do this as it has been reported as either lost or stolen. 


It seems like you have been victim of fraud. 


All you have is a very expensive paper weight and no chance of getting this working.

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Re: blacklist

Hi @Ewan05


Thanks for calling by community 🙂


Are you able to make contact with the original device owner?





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