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Z10 not picking SIM card up

My phone has no network since last night any ideas
EE Employee

Re: Z10 not picking SIM card up

Hi Keith,


Welcome and thanks for posting.


Is this still an issue for you today? Have you tried the service in any different postcode areas or is this an issue in one location? Does performing a manual network selection help you pick up a signal at all?



David M


Re: Z10 not picking SIM card up

have a blackberry z10, last night about 7pm i lost my service and was getting a sim not provisioned MM#2 message, along with a searching for network and emergency calls only.


spoke to ee who said that it was due to a problem with them trying to send me an update and they were going to clear the updates ...... they said to either order a new sim, from them would take 5 working days to come through and cost me £10 but they wolud credit my account with £10 straight away or i could go into an EE shop buy a new sim for £10 and they would credit my account with £10. have been to a shop today and got a new card ...... now getting a sim not provisioned pleas speak to your carrier .... spoke to ee and they said that the new card has been registered but it might take a while for it to find the network! 


sounds to me like no one at EE has a clue what these messages are about everyone i spoke to seems to just say wait for 24 hours and see what happens.



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