by bferrie

Working in the US for 3 months

I'm travelling to the US to work over the summer for 3 months (may, june, july) 

and I'm wondering if my sim will work for that length of time or not.


I have seen a couple of different things about this topic and would just like to have it cleared up.


I am on a 4GEE max plan which allows me to use my data, calls and text over in the US at no extra cost. I have previously been on a trip to america for 2 weeks so I know everything works fine short term.



Also, if it can't cover me for those three months I am away, does that mean the sim will continue to stop working when I return home?

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Working in the US for 3 months

You will be better off getting a local sim and using that (get your phone unlocked first though)


As lng you continue to pay your monthly payments your phone will not be cut off. So will work on your return.

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Re: Working in the US for 3 months

Hi and welcome to the community @bferrie


Please bear in mind all EE plans are for people who are UK customers and travel to other countries on a short-term basis, not for people spending extended amounts of time abroad.


What this means is that if you’re spending 60 out of 120 days in the UK then an EE plan, and it’s inclusive roaming benefits, will be great for you.


If you’re out of the country for longer than 60 days then this may not be the best option.


You will be notified of any action that would be taken for extended use abroad i.e extra charges etc.

Many thanks,



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Working in the US for 3 months

Well if it was me, I'd use my EE SIM for as long as I could (You're paying for it after all), then pop into a Best Buy and get a local SIM like Simple Mobile if needed towards the end of your trip.


That said, if you are wanting people in the USA to call you, a local SIM may be a better option.


This is where dual SIM phones come in handy.

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