by Cherylley75

Why is my iphone 6s using 8gb of dat a week?

 I have 3 phones on contract off ee, i have an s6 with 2gb of data, my partner has a iphone 5s with 5gb of data and my daughter has an iphone 6s with 8gb data. My pdoblem is the iphone 6s, it is using 8gb of data a week!!! She has switched off all background apps etc and wifi assist but still it just keeps eating the data. I recently gifted her some of mine and as soon as it went on to her phone it ate 100mb straight away-and her phone was switched off...she literally browses FB doesnt download videos or watch videos etc shes in college and work all day through the week so phone is not used. My partner and i arent even using half of our data and 8gb is ridiculous when most of the time its connected to wifi just like our phones...i dont use my 2gb and i play games, on fb, watch videos. Someone help lol!

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Ace Contributor

Re: Why is my iphone 6s using 8gb of dat a week?



Facebook actually consume a lot of data in average, as it loads high quality pictures and loads preview of HD videos automatically as you browse. 


If you believe that EE has been miscalculating your usage, then please call 150 and select tech support to have it rectified.





by Cherylley75

Re: Why is my iphone 6s using 8gb of dat a week?

Thanks for the reply but hd and autoplay in fb is all turned off 😕

EE Community Support Team

Re: Why is my iphone 6s using 8gb of dat a week?

Hi @Cherylley75


Welcome to the community.


If you can go to Settings then Mobile Data and scroll down, it will tell you how much data each app has used since it was last reset.


This will give you an idea as to which apps use a lot of data and might answer your question on this.


If not, I recommend scrolling to the bottom of that screen, tapping Reset Statistics and monitoring this going forward.


Once you're aware of which app is using the data, you can then manage that with your daughter going forward.


Hope this helps. 🙂



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