Why do EE mislead customers about Roaming??

I am so disappointed with EE


i have been mislead it seems by their customer service teams on two occasions 


i was was told in recorded calls that my plan included calls and data in USA 


now one one of their technical people tells me not when I am now here and unable to make alternate arrangements. 


It is either gross incompetence on the part of the company or a money making scam to try and induce people to rack up charges abroad 


the sharks even have tried to charge me for phoning customer service and then charges me 3x as much to call me back 


what a complete con. 


I hope that they are monitoring this as it seems there's no way to contact them now without incurring charges I will have to dispute when I return. I will be taking action through the small claims court online if I don't get this resolved within 24 hours to cover additional costs I incur 


is is anyone else being mislead in this way??


EE Employee

Re: Why do EE mislead customers about Roaming??

Hi @JI and welcome to the community


I understand your frustration with this issue.


If you are on a max plan taken out after May the 10th this should include the USA.


I have sent you a private message to help with this one.


Many thanks,



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