by Mair50

Why cant i transfer data from one number to another

EE Community Support Team

Re: Why cant i transfer data from one number to another

Hi @Mair50


Thanks for coming to community 🙂


Have you seen our Data Gifting help and support pages?


Maybe there’s not enough data on your account…


You need at least 500 MB on your account to make a Data Gift. If everyone’s out of data, get a data add-on in My EE (online or in the app).


Are you trying to gift data to someone on a shared plan?


If someone on your account is on your shared plan, you can’t gift data to them. But you can send a Data Gift to yourself, that they can use.


For example:


  1. Your daughter’s on your shared plan
  2. You’ve both run out of data
  3. Your partner has plenty of data left on their own plan
  4. You move 1 GB data from your partner’s plan to yours
  5. Both you and your daughter have 1 GB data to share

Thanks Richard



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