Why am I being charged for Apple music/membership when I didn't ask for it?

Just seen my bill as noticed my dd was higher than normal only to find they have taken out for Apple music and Apple music membership! I didn't ask for this. I have never played a track of music on my phone!!! what's all that about and how do I stop it before they take it out again? Thanks 

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Re: Why am I being charged for Apple music/membership when I didn't ask for it?

Good morning @DJK1


Thanks for joining and posting in community 🙂


Was the subscription activated through Apple directly or via EE?


Did you text MUSIC to 150 a little while ago to get six months free Apple Music with EE?


Either way, here is how to sort this all out from our Apple Music - How to cancel help and support pages.


You can cancel Apple Music on EE in three ways: 


  • by texting STOP MUSIC to 150
  • by calling Customer Services on 150
  • or via My EE

If you text STOP MUSIC to 150 during your free period, Apple Music on EE will be cancelled and removed immediately.


If you've cancelled during your free period and later decide you would like to take Apple Music on EE again, you'll have to choose the chargeable add-on at £9.99 per month. You can choose the chargeable add-on by texting MUSIC to 150 and then following the on-screen instructions.


If you text STOP MUSIC to 150 after moving to £9.99 per month, Apple Music on EE will be removed from your next bill date. You can continue using Apple Music for the period you have already paid for. We’ll then contact you again once the service has been removed.


Let me know how you get on.







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