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by R8ch3l
New Member

Who to contact about my "Free Tablet"



I've had a miserable experience so far with EE..  two months to install, a further six weeks to get it working properly (and it's still only as fast as broadband instead of fibre) and now my attention turns to the "free" tablet that I was entitled to and has disappeared off my order.


Today I've received an email that says that it wasn't attached to my order.  If I want them to investigate further than I have to complete the form again.  


I've done this, but I know why the tablet wasn't on my order but there's no mechanism for me to tell them (except that I did on the phone the other day)... the order was screwed up by the shop staff and had to be re-done four weeks later to get it going again...  obviously the shop staff didn't add the tablet back on.


The thing that really gets me is that I'm now paying a higher rate because I chose the tablet - but I still don't have it... it wasn't free, I purposely chose the tablet option knowing it was more expensive, but I was ok with that because I was getting a tablet... but apparently now I might not be!


Does anyone know where I can direct this to where I'm actually going to be able to get someone to do something about it... no-one seems to want to help.  The shop keep calling the call centre, I tell the call centre and then I get an automated response.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Who to contact about my "Free Tablet"

Send a PM to @CustomerService (click on the name and then on the profile click on send Private Message on the top right).

EE Employee

Re: Who to contact about my "Free Tablet"

Hi R8ch3I


Welcome to the EE Community, thanks for posting.


If you've joined us on a plan that includes a free tablet you can redeem the free tablet using the link here.


I hope this helps,



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