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Ways to save your EE data


Have you noticed a data increase since getting an iPhone or perhaps using more data and can't work out why. Please read below you might find an answer below.


There is a feature that if your using wifi and you get a better cellular data connection on your device your device will start to use the cellular data connection instead of wifi, It's so you get the best connection at all times. You do though have the option to turn this off.


Goto Settings>Mobile Data and scroll to the very bottom there you will see Wi-Fi Assist, turn it off.



There is more you can do to save data,

You can leave mobile data on but you can stop apps from updating in the background. These will use data even if your not using the device. 


Goto Setings>General>Background App Refresh. In there are all the apps that will update in the background, turn off all or the ones you don't want to update in the background. 




There is also more you can do to stop data being used when you are not using or even using the device.

Goto Setting>Privacy>Location Services>System Services. All the toggles there use data you don't need to turn them all off but ones like Setings Time Zone. There only one time zone in the UK so turn it off. It's up to you on what you want to stop but they don't all need to be on.




You might have the option on some apps to use data only when using the app but there are some that give you the option to use data ALWAYS, you'll save data by selecting "Only While Using The App"




And If you watch YouTube over cellular data you also have the option to turn of HD streaming as this can eat through data.

Open YouTube and go to your account click settings and you will see PLAY HD ON WIFI ONLY turn this on.




Also the added benefit in turning off some of these is that your battery will probably last longer as it's not being used all the time.

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Re: Ways to save your EE data

Thanks for this @Chris_B! I hadn't been aware of Wi-Fi assist so it's turned off now.


A slight topic-switch that could easily be it's on separate post...


Do you know why my iPhone 5S might suddenly (in the last few days) be losing battery life even when there's been no recent iOS update with, for example, new features that might require more battery? I'm being careful not to have my wi-fi on when out and about, and nothing is updating in the background. I've also previously followed guides online which had battery saving tips. Maybe you have a crucial tip up your sleeve! 

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Re: Ways to save your EE data

@ElenaG  Have you installed any new apps recently,  If you have are these iOS 10 compliant.  


Have you tried a network reset ? If your device starts searching for the network it will drain the battery. 


Have you backed up the device to iTunes on a PC or with iCloud and set the device up as new just to test to see if you have issue with the firmware on your device ? ( you can always restore back to your backup after testing) 



one other trick is to let the battery run flat until the device switches off.  Then fully charge it.  It's recommend to do this once a month anyway.  

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Re: Ways to save your EE data

Sadly, I can't install new apps because I have no more room @Chris_B. 😞


I will try the network reset and/or restoring factory settings soon. I'd thought about the latter a few times and was just trying to avoid it if possible! 


Thank you for the help. 




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Re: Ways to save your EE data

@Chris_B Thank you very much, I'm at work at the moment, but I will definitely read up on what you have sent me. Thank you so much for your time and advice, much appreciated 👍 

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Re: Ways to save your EE data

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