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VAT when cancelling contracts

When leaving ee early, it says that that you will need to pay the monthly fee for each month outstanding minus vat.


On the forum I constantly see that peopel are saying the monthly fee minus vat @ 16.7% yet we pay 20% so surely it should be the monthly fee minus 20% vat


Can someone confirm this

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Re: VAT when cancelling contracts

It’s down to the way it’s calculated.  


It’s not just your current monthly payment -20% as that isn’t the same as your monthly payment excluding VAT.




You pay £20 per month.  That is £16.67 + 20% VAT (VAT = £3.33) = £20.00 (rounded)


Just subtracting 20% off the total £20 (i.e. to give a figure of £16.00) isn’t the correct way to calculate VAT as £16 + 20% then would only come to £19.20 and not £20.00.

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Re: VAT when cancelling contracts

I know how to calculate the vat, it was just what has been said on here by users


my bill before vat is £47.82 (was previously £44.99) so I wanted to make sure that they weren't going to try charging more for leaving early


you can also use the value 1.2 to determine vat


ie: £47.82 * 1.2 = £57.38 = inc vat

£57.38 / 1.2 = £47.82 = ex vat



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Re: VAT when cancelling contracts

Dividing the total by 1.2 is the roughly the same thing as subtracting 16.7%.


That’s why people quote the 16.7% figure.


EE will always give you the exact figure though as it’s pro-rated to daily usage.

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Re: VAT when cancelling contracts

VAT is legislated as 20% of the Net Price to arrive at the Gross Price, i.e. the price you actually pay.


So working backwards from the price you pay the Net Price is 83.3% (or 5/6) of the Gross Price & the VAT contained within it is 16.7% (or 1/6) of the Gross Price.


As you say you can also use divide by 1.2 to determine the Net Price.

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