Unable to unlock Kestrel

My mum has had her Kestrel phone for a number of years along with a contract with EE. She recently decided to switch providers but wants to keep her phone and number, but the Kestrel is locked to EE’s network. After a phone call to EE we got the PAC code to transfer her number and an email with the codes needed to unlock the phone, however upon turning on the phone with the non-EE SIM inserted there was no prompt on the phone to enter the network unlock code, the phone just has no network access. We have tried turning the phone off and on multiple times but still nothing. Does anyone know how we unlock the phone? I.e. where can we type in the codes given to us by EE so that my mum can use her phone? She’s never had a phone on any other network so we don’t have any other phones to put the new SIM card in for the time being


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Unable to unlock Kestrel

@WIKED94  You type the codes in to the phone dial keypad 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Unable to unlock Kestrel

Hello there @WIKED94


Thanks for coming here for your Mum.


What network SIM are you using to unlock the phone?


Thanks, Leanne.

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