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by carolinecundy
New Member

Tracking repairs with T Mobile

I hope someone can help, I am not very good with gadgets or the internet for that matter! I took my phone in for repair at a local T Mobile store and now can't track it. Staff on the phone just keep telling me to track it on line but they can not tell me where it is. Can anyone offer advice?  A simple guide to tracking your repair etc?

Thanks for your time


by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Re: Tracking repairs with T Mobile

This isn't the place for asking questions about t-mobile as its a forum dedicated to EE 4G so no one from T-Mobile. You could try asking this on T-mobile dedicated forum on there website. Or If you can call t-mobile customer services and see if they can help you.
by foccy101 Investigator

Re: Tracking repairs with T Mobile

Actually, the EE repair tracker has never worked for me but the T-Mobile tracker works "perfectly" for my EE repair!

by foccy101 Investigator
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