TP Link Third Party Router DNS Settings & Broadband Password

Dear Colleagues,


My broadband is going to be connected in a weeks time.

I have looked at my EE Brightbox 2 broadband page username and it says 'readytoconnect@fs.com, yet when I contacted EE Customer services for the username and broadband password for my TP Router, their representative told me the username was beginning with PRODUCTIONHQNUN............. and the broadband password as being HQNPASS....( a total of 16 letters and numbers ). Which one is correct ?.


The BrightBox 2 DNS configuration is being shown as

Also, in regards to the DNS of the TP-Link Router, which page in the router is this typed in ? - the DNS configuration page ?


Thank you and much appreciated.



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Re: TP Link Third Party Router DNS Settings & Broadband Password

Hi @clarkin


Thanks for posting 🙂


When you say colleagues are you EE staff?


Thank you





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Re: TP Link Third Party Router DNS Settings & Broadband Password

I suspect that TP have routers from a number of sources. I have just set up my TP Archer D2 router this morning. When I log in to the router, there are 3 tabs on the page: Quick Setup, Basic and Advanced. I select Basic then Internet from the left hand side. This is Internet Connection Setup, the  first string  in your post is the User name: and the second, the Password. Had you waited for your broadband to go live, you could connect up the Brightbox router and get the User Name from it. You can't get the password though.


other settings:

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Connection type: PPoE


Save, if all is well, the Internet Status will change to Connected.

Then re:boot and all should be well.


I've got dynamic DNS set so may not be able to help you there although if you were using it with a previous ISP, then shouldn't need to change.

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Re: TP Link Third Party Router DNS Settings & Broadband Password

Clarkin, both are correct. The readytoconnect@fs user name is a placeholder which wil be replaced by your username/password when the brightbox first connects to broadband. At that point it will complete the box setup and get its ip address and dns address. Since it has yet to connect, that is why the dns server is shown as 

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Grand Master

Re: TP Link Third Party Router DNS Settings & Broadband Password

'readytoconnect@fs' is just the factory set default that the BB2 comes with originally. It is just awaiting you connecting it to BB when EE will, by remote config, insert your true BB username & pwd, which are indeed the PRODUCTIONHQNUN............. and HQNPASS.... . Alternatively you may insert them yourself manually.


By default the DNS are set to Obtain from ISP. You could do the same on the TP Link.

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