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Switching from Orange PAYG to EE PAYG

I'm on Orange PAYG.  I have a Huawei Ascend Y300 phone which has stopped working.  I'm looking to purchase a Motorola G4 or G5 phone to replace it.


I'm considering joining EE.  The £15 pack for 500 minutes, 5GB and unlimited texts appeals.


Please can you advise the process of transfering to EE and keeping the same number as I have now?


When I go to the transfering from Orange to EE page on the EE website, it only lists three packs (£1, £5, and £10).  The £15 pack is not there!   However it is on another page.


Would I be correct in saying that If I order the £15 SIM, all I need to do once I receive it, is to contact EE and explain that I want to transfer from Orange, and keep the same number?




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Re: Switching from Orange PAYG to EE PAYG

Good morning @A-n-d-r-e-w


Thank you for coming to community 🙂


It may be worth a quick chat with us in regards to the plan you want, or have a look at this information from our Joining EE from Orange help and support pages.


Moving from Orange to EE pay as you go


All you need to do is switch your SIM once you're ready to move over to EE. 


You can buy your new SIM online, in one of our shops or over the phone by calling 0800 956 6000.


You can transfer your number and any remaining credit too.


What's next?


Ready to move to EE pay as you go? Get started here


Let us know how you get on.







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