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Stop auto-join of public EE Wifi

EE has a number of areas with free wifi - stations, TfL locations on the tube network and others.   I never allow any of my devices to join a wifi network whose security isn't known to me, so I block this.


But, whenever I get a carrier settings update, EE wifi is turned back on.   This is really annoying, as I have no wish to join something that is fundamentally insecure, as most public wifi is.


Has anyone found a way to block this permanently, such that a carrier settings update doesn't re-enable it??

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Stop auto-join of public EE Wifi

@987s  Turning off WiFi or blocking them is your only option,  and turning off WiFi will help with battery life as it’s not searching for a network to join. 

by 987s

Re: Stop auto-join of public EE Wifi

Thanks, thought that might be the case.


Annoying, as I use wifi at home and in the office, so having to switch off to block auto-join of a network that I've already asked my phone not to join is frustrating!

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