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by jaysherman
New Member

Slow Speed


hope you can help me with my broadband issues.


My broadband connection has been at around 3 to 6 Mb for the last three weeks (tested on BT wholesale website), which makes internet unusable. I never experienced such issue so far.


I have called the EE support team one week ago and we went through a series of tests to see if anything would help increase speed, for example disconnecting all devices, turning off and on the router, using an Ethernet cable connection direct from the router, connecting the router to the main socket. Nothing seemed to help. The operator suggested I wait one week to see how it goes, and I can say that the internet connection has definitely major problems.


The speed of the internet connection is now still at about 4Mb. The router says the connection is limited at 18Mb.


I have tried to get in touch with EE via the 150 via landline and two different mobile phones and they seem unable to hear me.


I am thinking of raising this to the Ombudsman. It is not acceptable to pay for an unusable service.


Please advise



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