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S7 edge nougat problems

Since I updated my phone after the update was eventually released my phone has had a few problems. Contacts disappear within hours of saving them and my phone which is secured with fingerprint and pattern is currently able to be unlocked without either. If I restart my phone the locking system works but I have to save the contact again.

My friend on 3 has no issues with the update (which he got before christmas) so surely ee haven't dropped the ball on this.


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: S7 edge nougat problems



Try backing up then factory resetting. 



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Re: S7 edge nougat problems

Hi @Benlyon,


Welcome back to the community.


That's great advice from @Northerner, if this doesn't fix your issue, please let us know.





by Benlyon Contributor

Re: S7 edge nougat problems

Hi. I have tried the factory reset and although it has fixed the issue of unlocking it has not fixed the problem with deleting recently added contacts. They can disappear either within minutes to days. I've added numbers only yesterday after resetting and yet today they have gone. Can you confirm if this is due to the update or just a dodgy phone? 

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