S7 Edge wifi keeps disconnecting

I am having issues with my WiFi. My S7 always disconnects. It is connected but then nothing loads. My housemate does not have the problem on his iPhone and my tablet works fine. I have tried to forget the network then reconnect and also reboot my router but it still won't work. I have to stay connected to 4G and use my data. Does anyone know when the Android 7 update will be available? 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: S7 Edge wifi keeps disconnecting



So you have two questions one about wifi and the other Android 7.


1. You haven't entered the correct wifi password so forget the network and ensure you enter the correct password when you connect again.  


2. It's not officially out yet and when any upgrade is due for your handset your phone will tell you. 



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Re: S7 Edge wifi keeps disconnecting

Same problem here. We have 2 S7s and Since last the last update wifi will not remain connected on both phones.

I have set the wifi to remain on while sleep and disabled bluetooth location assist and turned bluetooth off and tried GPS off all without improvement.

I also noticed the keyboard is now less accurate than before. ANNOYING!!!!

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