by ZangTangToom Investigator

S5 / neo 4g calling?

Using an EE s5 / neo near Pevensey in Sussex this week, I noticed it was using LTE 800 for data (gnet app cell id 13?) which was a surprise.


Any plans for S5 / neo 4G calling support, as I don't want to swap phones / upgrade to an s7 to get the 4G calling benefit?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: S5 / neo 4g calling?

@ZangTangToom  Sorry but EE will not give that information but to be honest do you really think that they will not give that device the ability to use 4G for voice calls.  


It will happen but no dates are set for when a specific device will get the future ( not that EE will tell us ) 

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