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Roaming charges rest of the world zones

I'm in Uruguay at the moment and received SMS on my EE phones when I arrived detailing the prices of data, offering 24 hour packages (4Mb for £5, 10Mb for £10) and 7 day packages (22Mb for £25, 50Mb for £50) which are substantially less than those published at–%20out%20of%20allowance%20cost%... where Uruguay is placed in the most expensive zone D (plans of £50 valid 24 hours for 10Mb, £120 valid 7 days for 20Mb and £200 valid 7 days for 50Mb). I assume these are superseded but I've not tried to find out further.


As appears usual every time I have ever visited Argentina (and now Uruguay) with an EE and previously an Orange mobile, but not an Orange BlackBerry which used BIS back in 2015, I get a "Could not activate mobile data network" error and "PDP authentication failure" message on screen when data roaming is turned on but maybe that's because I haven't bought a data plan via SMS.


I'm not going to reset my network settings to lose the WiFi passwords saved, just to see if that fixes it.


I decided to opt to buy an AMTEL prepay SIM at the airport with a December holiday special 30Gb bundle for £6.97 valid for 10 days as there is no way I'd roam at the above data rates.


I checked Vodafone UK and Uruguay comes within their roam further countries so all I'd pay would be £6 a day to use whatever data allowance I had with a Vodafone UK plan. Paraguay and Bolivia are not part of the Vodafone UK roam further countries so Vodafone charge £0.12 per 1Mb when roaming there. This works out at £6 for 50Mb which is much more favourable than EE's text message offering me 50Mb for £50 (Paraguay and Bolivia are also EE zone D).


I wonder if anyone is insane enough to roam with EE in zone D countries at these data rates? Seems like Vodafone UK have a much sensible pricing structure outside of Europe, in my opinion.

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Re: Roaming charges rest of the world zones

The current roaming costs are to be found in .

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Re: Roaming charges rest of the world zones

Thanks. They don't correspond with the ones received in the SMS from EE on arrival but either way they appear extoriante compared to alternatives. 

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Re: Roaming charges rest of the world zones

@davidthornton The link you posted appears to be from August 2016, but there's a newer one from Nov 17, which matches the prices that were in your text for Zone d:




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Re: Roaming charges rest of the world zones

Thanks. Your link lists Uruguay under Zone B which would make roaming here cheaper than if it were in Zone D. The SMS I received stated D1, D2, D3 and D4 so one or the other seems likely to be inaccurate. 

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Re: Roaming charges rest of the world zones

Thanks for flagging this, @davidthornton.


I have raised this with our web team to double check this and update the price guide accordingly.


The information on the text message and on the roaming tool, that Uruguay is classed as Zone D, seems to be correct.


If I receive anything to the contrary, I will come back to this post and let you know.








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