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by 54738

Replacement SIM card

I have been given an unlocked I phone + ordered a replacement sim as I need a micro sim. Apparently it has to be activated. Do orange need the imei no to do this-? I'm afraid of them locking the phone. I was supplied with a phone initially, but do not have a monthly contract. The replacement sim was ordered on the phone and I understand it shouldn't need to be activated. Any answers?
by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Replacement SIM card

Yes the sim needs activating. How else will it work? This will not lock the phone. And no thry dont need the imei number

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by ohassanali Investigator

Re: Replacement SIM card

It does need activating - I understand that much - if it went missing in the post and someone got hold of it a pre-activated SIM would cause havoc and someone else would be able to use your phone straightaway - that's the reason apparently. It does register IMEI in the process too by the way, again, so that they can establish if it is YOUR phone using the SIM or someone else having got hold of it instead.


Problem at the moment with EE is this apparent SIM activation issue - two weeks I've been waiting since my phone was stolen last Sunday - EE don't care, and the network is so incompetent - how it takes more than two weeks to identify and resolve an issue is beyond me!

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