by Sparkysdog Investigator

Re: VoLTE Activation

Hi all, new poster here.


There seems to be a lot of confussion regarding VoLTE.  I am an EE sim only customer and have a been for a couple of years.

With my old unbranded Samsung S8+ I had a random "your phone is now VoLTE enabled" type of text form EE and sure enough had VoLTE logo showing at the top of the phone.

I've now purchased a S9+ and are using the same sim but no VoLTE logo at the top.


Surley if I had it on a previous unbranded (factory unlocked) phone I should have it no the never unlocked phone?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: VoLTE Activation

@Sparkysdog: What version of Android are the S8+ & S9+ running?

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by Sparkysdog Investigator

Re: VoLTE Activation

@XRaySpeX   Hi, Both phones are running the latest version of Oreo, the S8+ is running the version that followed CRAP, both phones are XUE variants and the the S9+ is running  8.0 ARCC.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: VoLTE Activation

The s9 plus doesn’t work with Volte on Ee without Ee firmware I have tried it the fact that it is there on the s8 is strange but it’s not on the s9 at present.


I flashed mine with Ee firmware it it works great with Volte. 


Quite why Ee restrict this I don’t know but I did know before I bought it so was prepared to flash the software.


Bear in mind you can’t do it if you have the dual sim version 

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