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Problem with the configuration error?

I am attempting to use the app, to prepare for my trip to Germany.


When I open the EE app on my LG G2, I get this error:


You can't use the My EE app. This is because it looks like there may be a problem with the configuration of your device. To manage your account, go to <cut off>


Something's gone wrong, it's our fault. We're trying to fix it.


It's been like this all day. I need to have this working by Wednesday. Any thoughts? This previously worked.

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Re: Problem with the configuration error?

Looks like an issue with the App either not updating properly, or an incompatibility somewhere. Have you tried uninstalling the App from the G2 and re-downloading it from the Play Store?


What do you need to do on the app itself? If you're needing to set up a Euro Data Pass you can do that via 150, see here: http://shop.ee.co.uk/international/travelling-abroad/travel-data-pass


Edit: If the App looks like the "Newer" style, and has already been updated, then as a temporary measure it may be needed to source an older apk (App install file) to get you going until the issue can be escalted by one of the community team. If that is needed, let me know and I'm sure I can find it somewhere. Fellow LG user but on a G5 (Previously a G3).

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Re: Problem with the configuration error?

Just reinstalled the app, cleared cache, same error.


Was hoping to have the app ready when I visited Germany tomorrow (from USA). But if I can use texting to buy addons/data/etc when I arrive I'm okay with that.

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Re: Problem with the configuration error?

You are probably seeing that error as the EE app does initially need to connect to the EE network in the U.K.  as well now.


Are you flying direct to Germany or via the U.K.?  If via the U.K. just see if it works once you land.

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Re: Problem with the configuration error?

I did buy the SIM in London and used it there earlier.


(I'm flying right to Germany)

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Re: Problem with the configuration error?

Good morning @zenoxio


Welcome to the community 🙂


I can see you have already been given some fantastic support by other members of the community 🙂


Just to confirm are you a pay monthly or a pay as you go EE customer?


If you are a Pay As You Go Customer Roaming is already active and ready to use, you just need to top-up.  


If you are pay monthly or just want some further information, then please have a look at the EE Roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad post.


Also here are the costs and information for GERMANY should you need it.


As one of our community stars @Profile closed has quite rightly pointed out, let's see if works when you land.


Have a brilliant time away.










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