by Hal1234 Investigator

Power bar returned but no £20 voucher

I returned my powerbar in Aug 2015, and was told I would receive a voucher through text over the next couple of days, and heard nothing from EE. Now these messages on here are saying that you use your mobile number, the next day. I have just tried that and it says it's expired. Any clue as to how I can get my voucher now??
EE don't have a customer services email address to contact to let then know that their staff are giving the wrong info to their customers
EE Community Support Team

Re: Power bar returned but no £20 voucher

Hello there @Hal1234.


Thanks for posting again on here.


I have replied to you on the previous post.


Speak to you soon.

by Hal1234 Investigator

Re: Power bar returned but no £20 voucher

Hi Leanne_T,
I didn't receive a text (after returning the power at). I'm pretty dissapointed with EE as the staff in store obviously didn't put it through that I had returned the powerbar.
I don't understand in other posts you have stated to other people that you will reinstate their codes or give them another voucher but you can't help me (?!)

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