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Porting problems

Changed my contract to EE from Three when I upgraded my phone which came two days ago.  Did the transfer with the PAC from Three on Wednesday and this morning I  received a text which came through on both phones to old number so I knew the porting was happening. Updated my old number in Contacts on new phone and in Settings/Phone.  iMessage still waiting to activate and Facetime still linked to old number which is greyed out and spinning.  I know from Google that this can sometimes happen.

Customer support told me that iMessage might take 24 hours to work but that SMS messages would still come through and she said she would text me the Apple support number. It only came through on old phone not the new one! A bit of testing and I am now not receiving any texts either SMS or iMessage on new phone.  Any texts are only received on my old phone.  Have done all the usual steps, reset network, turn off iMessage and reboot phone.  I dont believe the advice from EE that it will take 24 hours to work because why cant I receive SMS messages? I tried turning off the old phone and testing the text on new phone, but still won't work.  Is my old Three account still active despite porting the number to EE?  Why are SMS messages not working on new phone? HELP!


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Re: Porting problems

Hi @SG2


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On the day of port (today) it can take up until midnight for all services to become active (including SMS).


During this time, you may still be able to receive your text on the old Three SIM.





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Re: Porting problems

@SG2. You need to update you mobile number in Settings>Phone>My Number.


First though you need to turn off both iMessage and FaceTime.

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Re: Porting problems

Thanks for the replies - Apple managed to switch on iMessage and Facetime this morning but both have now gone again.  Waiting until 24 hours are up then will contact them again if still not working.  Updated my phone in contacts and settings as well so now just waiting.

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Re: Porting problems

Do keep us up to date @SG2


Many thanks,



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