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Phone not working abroad. Please help

Hi, I know there have been other posts but I'm stuck. Have a contract that includes calls to U.K. And EU numbers whilst abroad. Currently abroad day 1 and can't make a call/text anyone. Kind of scuppered me as I'm marooned and unable to get hold of person I need. Can't even call EE. Am using correct +44 or +33 etc and have tried switching networks and turning data and phone off and on. Nothing. Helllppp! 

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Re: Phone not working abroad. Please help

Good morning @artshapedbox.


Thanks for coming here for help with this.


Let me see what I can do to help.


Can you receive calls?


Do you get an error message when you try and call?


Also is this an EE personal contract?


Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

by artshapedbox

Re: Phone not working abroad. Please help

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for responding.

It just says 'call ended' when I try to ring any numbers with three beep tones. It won't connect.

I haven't managed to receive any phone calls yet so couldn't tell you if I can receive.

I'm in France and have 4G

It's a personal contract.

Although I have just read that I perhaps needed to message to set up roaming before i went. But, I'm on a monthly contract and I was told when speaking to support when setting up the phone i wouldn't need to do anything.


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EE Community Support Team

Re: Phone not working abroad. Please help

Great thanks for coming back to me @artshapedbox.


In this case we will need to get your account looked into.


You can chat to us through our get in touch page.


If you select EE this will show the chat option 🙂


Let me know how you get on!



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