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Phone does not have same phone number anymore

I took the SIM out of my phone to test a friends SIM to see if it was still working as he was having issues with his phone, and now that I've put my SIM back in to my phone, the phone number that I transferred across to the SIM has now seemed to have dissappeared, and now the phone seems to think it is a PAYG phone rather than contract, and I can't call EE to get it sorted as I have "no credit" on the phone.


How do I get my phone number back, keeping in mind I can't call EE?

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Re: Phone does not have same phone number anymore

Hello @ChrisJC2012 you can still call customer service on 07953 966 250 from any other who will most definitely need to look into this if I am correct in understanding your SIM is now attached to a PAYG account instead of your pay monthly account?

You can also browse the pages on or log in to MYEE online and click the popup box when available to speak to live chat, but I would recommend calling for this. 🙂
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Re: Phone does not have same phone number anymore

Hi @ChrisJC2012,


Welcome to the EE Community.


When you say your number has disappeared, do you mean it doesn't display the correct number in your phones settings?


What happens if you call your number?


Could you have mixed the SIM cards up?





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