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Pay as you go from EE (PAYG) – new ways to top up and pay


EE has just launched a new payment method for those who have a pay as you go account – Recurring Top-Up. Here's a quick guide on how it works.



How does it work?


It’s even easier and quicker to have your account topped up regularly. Simply tell us how often and how much you want to top up, and the card details that you'd like it charged to and we’ll do the rest.


You can select the following frequency for your recurring top-up, based on what packs you want to use and how much you would like to top-up:


  • Weekly - Useful for weekly packs
  • Every 30 days - Useful for  30 day packs
  • Monthly - Convenient for you if you like to top up on (or after) pay day!


You’ll get a text from EE when the payment is scheduled, and every subsequent time a top-up is made.



You are able to set-up a recurring top-up without having to top-up first through 150 and My EE online if you wish.



Can I change the payment amount or date?


If you change your mind, you can change your Recurring Top-Up or even cancel it at any time.


If you have a pay as you go pack, you can set up your account to top up automatically the day before it’s about to renew. So if your pack updates on the 16th, set your top-up for the 15th - then you’ll always have enough credit for it to start again. 



What cards are accepted?


International cards will now be accepted via My EE online, although not the MyEE app, and also through 150 for top ups on EE/T-Mobile and for EE customers setting up a recurring top up.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept Maestro cards for Recurring Top-ups.  They can however be used for one-off debit card payments to top up



What if I don’t use my phone regularly?


If there is no chargeable activity on your account after 90 days, we will discontinue taking the payment until you start to use your phone again. 


Please note:  You will not be automatically unenrolled from the service. If you have not  had any activity on the account for 90 days prior to the payment due date we would not attempt to take a payment and we would send a text to you.


Whilst your account is in hibernation there will be no activity and so the payments won’t be taken.



How do I set this up?


To set up Recurring Top-Ups, log in to My EE, call 150 or text REC to 150.



Here’s a handy video to show you just how easy this is! 

by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: Pay as you go from EE (PAYG) – new ways to top up and pay

glad you listen to your PAYG customers can we have brand new  monthy Bundles not 30days bundles . unmlimted call and text 20GB be good on payg 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Pay as you go from EE (PAYG) – new ways to top up and pay

Hi @bristolash91,


Thanks for your feedback, I'll pass it over to our pay as you go team for you.



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