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by EE Community Team
EE Community Team

PAYM Max Plan - Update

We didn’t spend the whole winter throwing snowballs and shivering: we also designed some pretty exciting new stuff. Today we want to show you what we released in February: the UK’s fastest 4G plan, 4G Max.
It’s designed to give you the maximum EE experience: you get unlimited minutes and texts and huge 4GEE data allowances that you can use in 53 different countries. You also get incredible perks like live streaming, catch-up video and breaking news on the BT Sport app, and the latest phones every year with an Annual Upgrade.



Max Speed


Max plans are ideal for anyone who loves streaming, video calling or getting work done on the go. They give you the very best 4GEE speeds available in the UK, so you can do the stuff that matters fast.



Max Roaming


As well as talking, texting and using data from anywhere in the EU, you can use your phone in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. It makes Max plans the obvious choice for anyone who travels a lot – especially if you’re working overseas.



Max Perks


We’ve designed Max plans to be fun to use, too. Every Max plan comes with 24 months of the best live sport on the BT Sport app. And there’s no more waiting for two years to upgrade your phone: with selected phones on the 4G Max plan, you can select Annual Upgrade and get a new model every year.

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Grand Master

Re: PAYM Max Plan - Update

Here’s more information on annual upgrade —> CLICK HERE <—  as the T&Cs of this also need to be seen before you select annual upgrade as you do not get to keep the device after 12 months unless you pay a fee for the device,  you also have to pay any upfront cost towards the new device that you upgrade too.   While you can have a new device each year your still in a 24 month contract so if you dont upgrade you’ll have to continue paying the monthly fee for the contract that you took out.   And if you do upgrade then you are taking out a new 24 month contract but with the ability to upgrade after 12 months.   You also have to have the same or more costly tariff if you do decide to upgrade after the 12 month period.  

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Re: PAYM Max Plan - Update

The above also only applies to 24 month EE Max handset plans.  EE no longer sell Max SIM only plans.


Also only Max plans purchased on or after May 10th 2017 will include those 5 extra none-EU countries.  If you have a Max plan before that date, it will not include roaming outside the EU.


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