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PAYG orange credit balance

Slowly losing the will to live!! Have noticed my credit balance dropping gradually over several months, but this last month it has dropped considerably. Im on the dolphin plan, seldom use texts, have free mins remaining and have 3g switched off, yet I've had to top up an extra £10 this month. I did this 2 days ago, my balance was £10.35, made a 10 min call which came from my monthly min allowance, checked phone again and my balance was £4 odds. Rang 450 and  the advisor had trouble understanding what I was trying to explain.  Eventually she said she'd reimburse lost credit within 48hrs. After call checked balance again, and it had dropped to £2!! What is going on here with orange?? Customer service sucks. Think I'll have to switch network!


Re: PAYG orange credit balance

When I ring 453 for balances I get top up balance,  minutes balance but no mention of data allowance

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