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PAYG Roaming Abroad for 2 months



I have recently started this sim only PAYG number with EE  http://shop.ee.co.uk/cart#voucher_link


Due to my job I have to travel and stay in Malta for 2 months from the end of July. Would I still be able to use my PAYG as if I were in the UK or would I be charged extra? 



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: PAYG Roaming Abroad for 2 months



You can use your Pay as you go allowance in Malta with out any extra cost,


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Many Thanks

EE Employee

Re: PAYG Roaming Abroad for 2 months

Hi @c2sfox and welcome to the community.


You are able to use EE pay as you go packs in EU.


Do bear in mind all EE plans are for people who are UK customers and travel to other countries on a short-term basis, not for people spending extended amounts of time abroad.


What this means is that if you’re spending 60 out of 120 days in the UK then an EE plan, and it’s inclusive roaming benefits, will be great for you.


If you’re out of the country for longer than 60 days then this may not be the best option.


Many thanks,



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