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Orange pay monthly is moving to EE

Orange has been part of the EE family for many years and in the coming months, everyone on an old Orange plan will be switching over to shiny new EE 3G plans.


You don’t need to do anything – we will send you a text when your switch is complete. And if you have any questions, the EE Community is here to help. Here are a few of the most popular queries.



What’s different about EE 3G?


With EE pay monthly, you’ll get a new set of minutes and unlimited texts, plus EE will tell you if you’re running low on data, so no bill shock. And if you need more data, it’s quick and simple to get add-ons.


You can also manage your account and your bills wherever you are with the My EE app – just download it for free from your device’s app store.


However, EE has 4G in more places than any other UK network – you can upgrade anytime for faster browsing and smoother video streaming. Plus you can get six months’ free Apple Music and three months’ free BT Sport app if you do.



Will my Orange mobile number change?


No. Your Orange mobile number will still stay the same once you’re on EE, it will simply become your new EE number.



Will I need a new SIM card?


No. You can keep using your current SIM card.



How will I pay my bill?


If you paid by Direct Debit on Orange, it will transfer to pay your EE bill – so you don’t need to do anything. Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay – if you haven’t already got one you can set one up after the switch when you sign up to manage your account with My EE.



Can I manage my new EE account online?


Yes. It’s easy to manage your new EE account online when you register for My EE or download the My EE app from your phone’s app store when your switch is complete. You can:


  • view your bills and order copies
  • check your allowances
  • make payments



How can I get access to 4G?


After the switch you’ll be on EE’s 3G network. To get 4G you'll need to upgrade to an EE 4G plan and get a new SIM card. You’ll also need a 4G compatible device – check out EE's online shop.



How can I get in touch with EE?


After the switch you can call EE customer services free on 150, text HELP to 150… or pop into an EE store. Or there are a few more ways to get in touch.



Will my Direct Debit date remain the same?


Yes. You’ll continue to pay on the same date or up to three days later via Direct Debit but your bank statement will say EE instead of Orange.



Will I be able to use my phone during the switchover?


You can continue to use your phone as normal. You’ll be switched overnight but if you happen to be on a call at that time, you may experience a loss of service for a few seconds. If this happens, you'll need to redial to continue your call.



What if I have more than one Orange number on the same account?


They’ll all be switched to EE at the same time.



Will there be a difference in my bill when I've switched to EE?


Your first EE bill will be a paper bill with any additional information you might need. After that you’ll receive e-bills as standard. You can get paper bills for £2.50 a month – to set this up, call us on 150.


If you already pay by Direct Debit nothing will change but if you don't, you can set up a Direct Debit in My EE.



Are any Orange services not available on EE?


Fortunately, you’ll get plenty of extra benefits when you switch to EE, but these Orange services won’t be available: Magic Numbers, Orange Text Alerts, Orange Plus services and content subscriptions.



What if I don’t want to be switched over to EE?


Orange pay monthly plans are closing so all customers will be switched to EE. If you really don’t want to switch you can disconnect your number by calling 150.



What should I do if my phone isn’t working after the switch?


Always try restarting your phone first. If it is still not working EE will get you up and running again as soon possible – you just need to call 0800 079 5326 or if you are a small business customer 0800 079 5328.



How do I get my voicemail on EE?


Your existing stored voicemail settings and messages will remain the same once you switch over. You’ll now have to dial 222 instead of 123 from your phone and (+44) 07953 222 222 instead of (+44) 07973 100 123 from another phone. Voicemail will be included in your plan’s allowances.


Take a look at EE service charges



How can I buy an add-on?


You can always get a little more data, minutes or texts when you need them. Just log in to My EE  or download the My EE app from your device’s app store. Or you can call us on 150


Find out more about add-ons  



What happens to the charges on my Orange bill before the switch?    


You’ll need to pay your latest Orange bill as normal and you’ll then receive an EE bill after the switch.



What if I’m not happy with the plan allowance I’ve been told I’ll get?


Your new EE plan will be 3G, and will be closely matched to your current plan based on your usage, allowances and any discounts you currently receive. To discuss different options, call 150.



What if I’m travelling abroad while the switch is happening?


It shouldn’t make any difference, but there’s a small chance you may experience a loss of service. Always try restarting your phone first if this happens.



What will happen to my Signal Box?    


Your Signal Box will continue to work as normal. Depending on your handset you may also be able to take advantage of our WiFi calling feature.




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