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Openreach Broadband support systems offline 23 March 2019

Tomorrow, Saturday 23 March, our Openreach Broadband customer support systems will be offline for maintenance.


This means EE Broadband Care Team won’t be able to advise on detailed account enquiries until our work is complete.


Our systems will be back online at 17:00 23/03/2019, and normal customer service support will resume until we close at 8PM.


We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.


During the downtime please feel welcome to post questions here in the community about your home broadband.


➠ Try the search feature – someone may already have asked your question or resolved the same issue.


If your question hasn't been asked before, you can leave a comment below with your question, or you can start a new topic here in the Broadband forum.


Our Community Stars and the EE Community Team are here to support in any way we can.


Account related enquiries may have to wait until our maintenance is complete, so that you can call us to discuss personal details.


To leave a comment or start a new topic you’ll first need to register to the EE Community.


Learn more about the EE Community.


Thank you all for your understanding.

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