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Note 8 slow 4G



I have an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 I bought last week, I am having issues with it that I didn't have with my Galaxy S7 Edge before. I am just using the sim card that was in my S7E.


It seems that when the phone is on '4G' (or lower) the internet is unreliable and slow a lot of the time (not always), but on 4G+ it seems fine. Sometimes it will say 4G, with good signal, and it just won't load. Then suddenly it'll start loading things after a minute or two? What's going on here?


On my S7E it would be fine on both 4G and 4G+ (H was always an issue though).


I have tried resetting all network connections and inputting the APN settings for EE as per my S7E but no dice, it still seems to happen.


I have checked for reported issues in the locations I have been in, and for most of them there have been no issues. Also I can't imagine that it would be the case everywhere I am going (mainly around London).



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Re: Note 8 slow 4G

Hi @tanujdua


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. 🙂


As this sounds like an intermittent issue and only on 4G or less, I recommend contacting our technical support team.


They have access to check the performance of masts in the area and can do some troubleshooting on the phone too.


Please let me know how you get on, once you've spoken to them.



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