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No order confirmation or tracking number (in store upgrade)

I went into the EE store close to my office yesterday and upgraded my Sony Z5 Premium to the Google Pixel 2 XL, really great customer service and I'm happy with my new plan.


But I never got a confirmation of the order or a tracking number. All I got was a text telling me i'm now on a '4GEE Max phone plan' and of course my new contract that I signed and the receipts from card verification and trading in my old phone (which I'll be giving them when I collect my new phone). 


They didn't have the XL in stock so it's being delivered 'some time this week', and because of this they didn't even put in the IMEI number of the Pixel 2 XL on my new contract, when I looked it up it was for the smaller non-XL model. 


When I was in there the manager said to the staff member serving me something like 'put this one in because we don't have it' I'm asuming that the IMEI number is what she was talking about?


Can anyone help with some advice or has anyone else been in a similar situation?





by Grand Master
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Re: No order confirmation or tracking number (in store upgrade)

@TPY247  Until they get the device they will not know the IMEI number as it’s unique to that one device.  

EE Community Support Team

Re: No order confirmation or tracking number (in store upgrade)

Hi @TPY247,


Welcome to the EE Community.


@Chris_B is correct, they won't have the IMEI of your new phone yet.


The store will contact you directly when your phone is ready to collect.


Thanks for upgrading with EE. Smiley Happy



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