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by bignosemac Investigator

New SIM (not requested) and number now showing as 00000000000

EE PAYG on 4G with Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 635.

I became an EE Customer recently and ported my number from Virgin to EE. After porting, my phone's settings and my number in the phonebook were showing the number that came with the phone when purchased.

This was resolved yesterday after numerous calls to 150 (at 25p a pop) and eventually, after using my remaining non bundle credit, by visiting a EE store and having them allow me to use a phone of theirs to call Customer Services.

However, later that same evening my phone stopped connecting to the network. With no signal I had to call EE from my landline on the 07 number to find out what was going on. Additional expense (I don't have a mobile inclusive package on my landline) for no fault of my own. I was told that a new SIM was requested (it wasn't) and the existing one was deactivated.

Fortunately, that new SIM arrived in the post this morning and with it I can make and receive calls. However, the phone's settings and phonebook now show my number as 00000000000 and this is affecting apps that require a mobile number. Most importantly the 'My EE' app that is not updating my usage correctly.

More calls to Customer Services via my landline, specifically requesting my phone be updated over the network AGAIN. First call, cut off. Second call, told the problem was being worked on but before I could enquire further, cut off again.

I want my phone to have the correct number associated with SIM and account. 

I am extremely disappointed that this issue has taken up so much of time and has now cost me £1.50 in out of bundle credit. I don't want to top up more just to resolve an issue not of my making. Terrible customer service.

And before I get a reply from an EE staffer here. I'll point out that I don't have another device to use to re-program the number on the SIM. And I don't want to have to vist a store AGAIN at my expense to resolve an issue not of making. 

I just want the issue fixed. It was done first time (number that came with handset to ported number) by CS in Merthyr after visiting a store. Today I'm getting nowhere with CS in the Asian subcontinent requesting that this new SIM (not requested) be updated from 00000000000 to my correct number. Requests for escalating the issue to level 2 technical support have fallen on deaf ears. All your operatives in the Asian subcontinent seem to be interested in is ticking their 'problem resolved' box when it hasn't. 

Not resolved to my satisfaction then I shall be returning the handset to the store where purchased and requesting a refund under the Sale of Goods Act as it is not fit for purpose. I shall then return to my previous network who provide much better Customer Service. Fix the problem and demonstrate to me that you care about your customers and wish to retain them. Prove me wrong about my opinion of EE after being a customer for just 10 days.

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