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NO FULL 4GEE in Bournemouth!

Where is the 4G in Bournemouth? 


You may have heared that 4GEE went live in Bournemouth on 4th December 2013. I had been waiting for this for sometime as I upgraded to a EE contract Sept 2012, so it's been over a year since I've been paying for 4G and not actually getting any. Except when I go to places like London or near- by Southampton.  This didn't really bother me as I thought it would be here by the end of this year and I was happy to receive 4G elsewhere in the mean time and I had been very impressed with the speed of EE's 4G roll out across the country and I was proud to be on this Network. 

How excited was I when I found out the EE was going live in December, I had been receiving a 4G signal in the Town centre towards the end of November so it must be in testing, I thought. My home is about 2 miles from the centre, and I have a very strong 3G signal there and I couldn't wait for 4G to arrive as the coverage checker kept saying it was in Planned stage. Great.

So when Olaf Swantee announced that Bournemouth now has 4G I was extactic.  

What an anti-climax that turned out to be. It appears that 4GEE has in fact only been launched in the Town Centre.  How is this Bournemouth Olaf? Surely if EE is launching a service it is for the whole town and not just a few streets in the centre? 

How can you realisticly be proud of launching in Bournemouth when your coverage at this stage is very poor? Is this to inflate the statistics to show that you have launched in 100's of more Towns than the other networks? 


I have regualry checked the coverage checker for area's in the centre where this is 4G and the map says Planned and my postcode is also that stage. I am living in daily hope that 4G will be turnt on to cover my area soon.


I have added an image, below of where I live where there is no 4G, a  short distance from the town centre. None of this makes sense. 


It would be very nice to get an explanation of EE concerning the 4G rollout for Bournemouth and not just pointing me in the direction of the coverage checker. 









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