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by grahamgadsden Investigator


want to manage my account online but have been trying to sign up to MYEE online for 3days and once you put in the mobile number and security word  it just keeps saying MYEE is not available. 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: MyEE

Have you tried it in a different web browser ? I've just login to mine and its working okay.
by grahamgadsden Investigator

Re: MyEE

tried 3 different browsers no joy on any of them.

by kristopher
New Member

Re: MyEE

I have this same problem - signed up to orange first day iphone 5 was available - got 4g and moved to ee first day it was available - still cant sign up to myEE online.  Horrible experience so far (I won't go into how they botched moving phone number, moving account to business name, "lost" £50 Orange deposit, etc...).


I just want to see an itemized list of my phone charges online!  Why can't this work?  Four different customer service people have given me four different excuses as to why it won't work (all very dubious, IMO).  


They have the marketing - 10/10, excellent branding and customer promises - but the operations of merging two companies into three (!!) have been a mess and no one behind the curtain knows what is going on.  I will not stay beyond my contract if the operations and service can't deliver on the brand promise.  I know of three other business users who have had similar let-downs in this area.


At least they haven't introduced more reasonable plan pricing after the first movers got locked in to two year contracts...

by sleepy Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: MyEE

I have been trying to sign up since November...useless! Was told constantly they had to send a spreadsheet/email off to resolve it and it takes 'a few days' then after about 7 weeks they finally admitted its broke and they have no idea when it will be fixed!
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