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My T-Mobile is offline

My T-Mobile is offline



its been more than a year since very time i try to log in with my T-mobile account i get this page:



"Sorry, but My T-Mobile is offline at the moment. Our techies are working really hard to sort this o"ut, so please try again in an hour or so..

If you've got a pressing question or problem, these are the numbers you need:
Customer Service: 150 from your mobile or 0845 412 5000 from a landline (Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am - 8pm
Calling from abroad: + 44 79539 66 150

When calling 150 you can also:

  • Make bill payments
    Select option 1 then 2
  • Top up your pay as you go account
    Select option 1 then 4
  • Hear your balance and allowance
    Select option 1 then 1"




Re: My T-Mobile is offline

[ Edited ]

"Hello imm4tt30",

I posted 2 previous threads asking about this - up until Tonight I did not get a single reply.

When I did get a reply Tonight the Member stated that there were `Hundreds of posts` about this subject and that I should look through the Forum.

When I searched the Forum using the words `My T-Mobile` - which I would have expected to feature in the Title of most posts about this subject - I found only MY 2 threads and this one from You.


I also searched through quite a lot of pages of threads to try and see if there were threads about this which did not have the words `My T-Mobile` in the Title - I could not find any.

I thought that as You are unlikely to receive any other replies on here I would reply to You.

Here is a Link to one of My threads about this - just in case I do receive a helpful response:



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