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by Stacy1380
New Member

My EE app not working

Hello Everyone


Been having problem with My EE app on my blackberry Z10 just doesnt load up anymore, i know a few other people been having problem as well.  My question is what is EE doing about this problem???, I have seen any news or comments from EE to say that they are looking into the problem.


Please help.

by lmb627

Re: My EE app not working

Hi Stacy, I wondered what version of the app you are using? Check out the user reviews on appworld, updates seem to have resolved problems for some people.

Re: My EE app not working

I'm having the same problem and have the lasted updated version. I have never been able to get this app to work and it's starting to annoy me I am sad to say I will not be renewing my contract if this issue is not resolved.
by Paramain

Re: My EE app not working

What version of the app? There is one app for ee and that's it. You down load it and it don't work. Hate people giving pointless solutions.
by Paramain

Re: My EE app not working

So Bull**bleep** ee still haven't botherd to fix there app. I carnt find out how much my bill is going to be! So there for am not going to pay it. I have cancelled my direct debit. I will pay them when they ring me and tell me how much my bill is going to be. make things hard for me I will make them hard for you Smiley Happy
by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: My EE app not working


They will not ring you to tell you how much your bill is. They will take steps to get the money from you. First they will cut you off. Then they will also stop incoming calls/texts. Then they will pass it onto debt collectors who will add their own fees.

All this will effect your credit rating which will effect other things in life. Do you really want this?

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