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Mobile data going too fast

Hi, so I had 600mb remaining on my 10GB data plan last night and somehow it got wasted in under 5 minutes after I watched a few instagram clips. I then had to purchase 200mb extra data and I have made sure not to watch any videos, I have only used whatsapp for around 100 messages ( after the GGG Canelo fight which I couldn't watch since my wifi is down so wanted to keep up with). After checking my data remaining I only have 60mb left, I made sure not to watch any videos at all with the extra 200mb package I have only used whatsapp to send messages so what gives? 

P.s I do not have mobile data switched on for any downloads ( apps etc)

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Re: Mobile data going too fast



Check under your data app on your phone (you haven't said which phone) and it will tell you what apps and services are using your data. Do you have tethering active?


You need to remember data usage is both ways (sending and receiving) but you shouldn't be using 10GB in 5 mins.



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Re: Mobile data going too fast

Hi @Saby and welcome to the community.


Do follow the advice of @Northerner and check what apps are using the data.


Let us know how you get on.


Many thanks,



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