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Meet your EE Community Stars

Community Stars are the shining lights of the community – they go above and beyond, and make the community a welcoming and interesting place to spend time.


Some Stars have in-depth knowledge on specific topics, and are the most likely to respond to your questions with technical know-how. Others are long-term customers who know EE well. All of them enjoy helping others. 


If that sounds like you too….awesome! Find out how to become a Community Star.


Here they are! Your Community Stars


  • XRaySpeX specialises in fixed broadband and the internet. He’s brilliant at lending his expertise to EE customers with broadband issues.



  • Chris_B prides himself on helping community members with EE’s unlock guidelines for devices - how to go about it and get it done. He’s also quite the Apple expert and has been an iPhone user since the first iPhone.

  • Winston is another iPhone fan, and a fantastically helpful person to talk with about your technical issues, as well as unlocking phones and bill issues.

  • Schockwave is a fount of knowledge, having been really active in the community for a while. She’s been a mobile customer for over 10 years and a broadband fan since 2009. Ask her about anything from billing to roaming to EETV - she’s sure to be able to help!

  • Inyourbox is our resident Orange expert. He’s pretty clued up on how migrating across to 4GEE works.

  • martyn413 works in IT and loves new technology. He’s a real fan of WiFi calling and is excited about VoLTE. He’s a friendly Star who will do his best to answer questions, whatever they might be.

  • Northerner has a wide knowledge base; he's likely to be able to help or offer guidance in most areas, technical or otherwise. He's interested in Android OS on both phones and tablets and has a working knowledge of Windows phones. 

  • Damienw1 is really into both Apple and Android devices so he’s a great all-rounder, helping out community members wherever he can!  


  • Apple fan @Ben090 is another friendly star who will help to guide you to the answers you need; he is a great star to reach out to for general support and enjoys helping and chatting with everyone. Product reviews are his thing – watch this space for his thoughts on all things gadgety!



  • @Fatboy71 is another Apple fan, and he’s really into the latest and greatest tech too. Chat to Fatboy71 about what’s new in tech and seek his support in all areas of the community. If he can’t help he’ll find the right person to get the answers you need – a great all round support! 


  • @tahirmian is an android user on pay as you go, so he’s the go to guy for questions relating to PAYG. He’s a tech fan who’s now with EE but was originally with T-Mobile. We’re glad to have him with us!


  • @Peter_C is interested in Radio Access Network (RAN) deployment and optimisation, as well as how devices integrate on the radio layers. He says he typically has at least three phones on his person with contract SIMs from EE and others to compare network behaviours. Peter has a tech YouTube channel all about masts and there’s not much he doesn’t know about Mobile Network technology.


  • @chisteryworks in IT and likes to travel to get away from IT. He's a network expert but can help you out across the board as he uses both Apple and Android phones and switches between them frequently.


  • @Watkins07 is a clinical nurse by day, and in the Community helping out by night - or whenever she gets a moment. She's always up for a chat and a discussion about the latest and greatest tech. An iPhone fan for a while, this Star can also talk android, and loves the opportunity to play with anything tech.






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