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by EE Community Manager
EE Community Manager

Meet the EE Community Team

Hello there! It's introduction time.


Come meet our awesome team of EE Staff who work super hard to make the EE Community a great place to visit.  ...Not to be confused with our excellent team of Community Stars - our most trusted, knowledgeable dedicated members, here to share their expertise with you and find solutions.


Community Support Team


The EE Community Support Team keep a watchful eye on the community, stepping in when Community Stars and others need a helping hand to find the right official information from EE. If a situation means EE needs personal details from you, they’ll connect you to a private place to chat online with our Customer Service team.


  • James_B wanted to be a musician when he was a child and he still holds that dream (maybe one day we’ll see him on XFactor?). He’s an  Android user and has a Nexus 6P, Macbook and Sony Smart Watch – so he’s the perfect person to chat to about them! James’ claim to fame is that he once met David Rodigan – but was too shy to ask for a photo of him before a gig so his wife had to ask. Man Happy

  •  @leanne_T is another longstanding EE employee and she says this is her dream job - must be down to how wonderful the community members are! She loves animals, in fact when she was a child she dreamed of being a vet. Cat Happy Leanne is a pro with your billing and pay as you go queries, and knows how to use our secret system to find out any information you could possibly need, and she does it all with a smile - even when she’s working weekends. 

  • @Christopher_G is the newest member of the team. He's been in various roles in his 10 years at EE though - from tech support to social media. In fact you may already have chatted to him in Facebook or Twitter! Chris is a family man who loves a game of golf when time allows. 


Community Management Team


It’s up to us to keep the community an interesting place to be. We work closely with our Community Stars, listening closely to their guidance on what our customers would like to read, learn and do more of in the community. And we keep the community website in good working order. 







The “mods” keep the community safe and friendly by upholding our community etiquette and guidelines. It takes a village, as they say - so please report any suspect or negative behaviour to one of moderators by tapping the cog icon beneath a post and selecting ‘Report Inappropriate Content’. It looks like this:

Cog icon.PNG






The images the EE Community Team use in our profiles are made using the Bitmoji app

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