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Meet Richard_R!

You may see @Richard_R around from time to time, and thanks to @Karen_C....I've realised that I haven't yet introduced you!


Richard is an apprentice working in the Eservice team, on the Help section of the website (like Nina!). I'll let him tell you more about what he does, and what he might say or do here in the community from time to time.


Here's an example of a previous interaction he had with the Stars.


One of these days we'll get a bit more information for you about Miles and Teresa (social team). At the moment, Hinesh and Richard are here in this sub-forum. They're on my team, and they get what we're all doing here. But moving forward I'll create us another sub-forum to talk to EE Staff..... I can imagine a scenario where some staff might be quite worried by what they see here in our private discussions! 😉


Have a good weekend!






EE Community Support Team

Re: Meet Richard_R!

Thanks @ElenaG,



This did confuse us 🙂


Great to have another with us.



Former EE Employee

Re: Meet Richard_R!

Thanks @ElenaG and hi all 🙂


I work in the Integrated Help Team with Elena and will be trying to help the Stars direct more users to help articles and promoting Help in the community.

I will be sharing what I am working on and update super users on new help articles and optimisation projects. I will also be monitoring Stars interaction with users and suggesting Help articles in the future that they could direct them to.

If you have any questions about what I am working on or more about me,Just let me know below



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