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EE Community Team

LSW release

Hi folks,


There was an upgrade to LSW last night, just wanted you to know. It doesn't change anything for Community that should affect you guys - but if you see anything strange/different happening, give me a shout. 


Or if anything is seriously broken, log it with CSIM as you would any other system issue - don't want for me 🙂


One thing the guys here at the NEC have seen is that when you write a response and hit return, you only get a single line/carriage return, rather than a paragraph - it looks ok in LSW but when it posts to Community the paragraph breaks are removed.


I am going to talk to Lithium about it, but actually that's how it works if you write a post on the Community - so it's probably not a bug, more something we need to be mindful of.


You can use double returns to get the spacing/paragraphs you want at the moment in LSW.




by EE Community Team
EE Community Team

Re: LSW release

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