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Just switched from TMobile to EE on a 4G plan...

Hi all, just looking to see if anyone has any experience of a switch from TM to EE.

I called EE last Thursday (19th) and advised I woudl like to take on a 12 month sim only $G plan with EE. (They have an offer where the £36 a month plan is discounted to £26 a month.)

After an initial bit of bad infomation, the guy sorted it out, and said that all I would need to do today is switch SIM cards.

I did that today, and it all seems to be working fine now. However I am confused about my bill. My last TMobile bill (or when I was charged) was on the 13th September.

When I view the My EE app, it states that I will next be charged on 28th September. It also states that my contact start date is 19th (when I called) yet I didnt actually actovate it until today when I recieved and inserted my SIM.

I assume therefore that I am being charged twice from  the period of 19th-24th.

Also my data allowance shows I only have 26 days left. Seems a bit crazy as I had no way of activating the account until today when the SIM arrived.

Anyone else have any experiences like this?

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Re: Just switched from TMobile to EE on a 4G plan...

You are billed separately for T-Mobile and 4GEE even though they use the same direct debit.  You are always billed in advance for your line rental, hence why you have been billed by 4GEE already.


As you have now migrated from T-Mobile, you will get some of your T-Mobile bill back as a credit which will be sent back to your bank account in around a months time.


Your 4GEE billing date will also be different to your old T-Mobile one.


All mobile networks set up your tariff/account before they dispatch the handset/SIM card, usually on the date your ordered it.  There's nothing much you can do about this sorry.  The only way round this is to do the migration in store as they can give you the new 4GEE SIM card there and then.

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