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International roaming call barring



Having read all the advice regarding roaming in Europe (with the good news that payg packs now work abroad) I checked the settings on my Sony Xperia X Compact to find that 'Outgoing International (except home)' in the call barring list is enabled. 


I'll be going to Italy soon so I assume that the above setting means that I'll only be able to call the uk and won't be able to make calls within Italy (or any other European country). 


I've tried to change the setting but my phone asks for a numerical password. After two attempts I gave up rather than risk blocking my phone! 


How do I disable the 'Outgoing International (except home)' call bar? 


Thanks in advance, 




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Re: International roaming call barring



Pay as you go accounts already ready to use on roaming. 

You can make sure about international calling there in no barr on your account by calling on 150 from ee or any other provider to 07953 966 250. 

But I believe ee do not put Barr on international calls on pay as you go unless if you ask them to do. 

Many Thanks 


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Re: International roaming call barring

Hi @Kroma and welcome to the community.


The standard pin2 code is 1111 if that did not work please do follow the advice given by @tahirmian and give customer services a call.


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