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IPV6 Sim card related? also some sites Unavailable

I have recently been getting offers from EE to have unlimited data for 5 days which is AMAZING because I have really slow adsl broadband but there is really good 4G coverage in my village. I've tested my speed and I've achieved 107mbps download and 32mbps Upload which is simply UNHEARD of 😄 . I then thoght to myself i wonder if i could make a hotspot and connect my xbox one to it in order to download some big updates and play some online. I was able to download the updates but I noticed my NAT Type was moderate. I looked into trying to get it to OPEN but found out EE uses CGNAT which simply wont let open NAT happen but Xbox one supports IPV6 which has would allow me to still connect to moderate nats or strict. but I was heart broken to see the results of test ipv6 were a 0/10 on my phone, my mums phone and my brothers. we are PAYG. but my dad came home with a new work phone and ee sim card and after setting it all up i tried test ipv6 on his new phone and it scored 10/10. I then tried my sim in the new phone and it was back to 0/10 :c . 


My current Phone is an iPhone 6. Also a little side question I used to use a VPN while playing online because the games I play you can get ddos attacked and I didn't want that happening to my phone but since last week I cant access any VPN site on EE mobile data and I cant remember the specific sites but a few others also just would not even try to load I would get a message on safari saying it had to "suddenly close the connection" which is very annoying. This is also happening on my mums phone when I tested it. We are all on EE but our accounts are not linked in any way. 


Sorry for the long rant but I reallly need answers to these questions.

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Re: IPV6 Sim card related? also some sites Unavailable

You are getting a zero score for the IPv6 test using an iPhone because iPhones don't use IPv6 on the EE mobile network which is down to the fact that all iOS devices including iPhones don't support the version of IPv6 that EE have chosen to use.  EE are using 464XLAT for IPv6 on their mobile data network.


No idea why EE made this decision to use this version of IPv6 when a a significant amount of devices on their mobile network don't support 464XLAT??


VPN's do work on the EE mobile network; though those are not recommend for online gaming as VPN's will significantly increase ping times/latency.

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Re: IPV6 Sim card related? also some sites Unavailable

I'm still a bit confused as to why the sim card in my dads new phone gets 10/10 but when I put my sim into it the score is 0/10? also what I meant in my second question was None of the phones on EE in my house can connect to VPN websites or some other pages which I cant remember specifically. As in when I seach for them on google when I click the link to the website I just get an error message basically saying I can't connect to the website. It's not only VPN websites its just the fact they are the only ones I can remember the name of giving me this problem but it has been different types of websites.

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