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Huawei B315 or B593. Which is better?

I'm looking for a router that has two external antenna connectors and RJ45 socket(s) to replace Osprey (Wifi assumed) as I only got this for the 64GB monthly allowance on the package. I gather the B593 is older but is more flexible yet the B315 is the newer replacement and is faster but not as flexible. Has anybody had any experiences with these or anything else?

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Re: Huawei B315 or B593. Which is better?

Hi @MonsterMonster,


Thanks for your question.


I haven't had any experience with these devices myself but I know a few Community members have.


Hopefully they will see your post soon.


In the meantime, you can read the previous threads on this topic by using the search function on the Community homepage.


Hope this helps.



by MonsterMonster Investigator

Re: Huawei B315 or B593. Which is better?

Well what can I say? The B315 arrived today. Stronger 4G signal obtained in downstairs room where the Osprey received weak 3G. Speed test shows 75Mbps down and 12Mbps up where my ADSL just get 800Kbps. The Osprey upstairs where it got a weak 4G achieved 40Mbps up and 6Mbps down. I can't wait to get the external antennas installed ... or am I just being greedy now? Well chuffed!

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Prodigious Contributor

Re: Huawei B315 or B593. Which is better?

Great news @MonsterMonster! Very pleased for you - mirrors my experience...

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